As they say, two heads are better than one. Feel free to order a consultation by us if you need advice on the requirements of occupational health and safety. As bystanders, we are able to point out potential threats and offer solutions to eliminate or to minimalize them. In addition, together we can go over the compliance of the documentation to legislation as well as its practicability in your working environment. Throughout the years, the members of our team have created effective documentation to hundreds of enterprises. We have wide-ranging knowledge to give you competent advice.

You should consider buying the consultation service if…

  • You wish to have advice on the compilation of the documents
  • You wish to have advice on how to improve the working environment
  • You would like us to find new and innovative solutions to areas of concern
  • A labour inspector has informed of his visit and You would like to review the documents and the working environment beforehand.
  • You need help creating an occupational health and safety management system
  • You need somebody to discuss these things with in order to find the right solution for You