Full service

naineFull service guarantees you the assembly of the entire occupational safety documentation! We are competent in asserting which documents and how many are necessary for Your enterprise.

Full service is for You, if:

  1. You want to get all of your documentation in order and be sure that it is correctly established;
  2. You are busy enough with your main job activities to be able to put all of the necessary occupational safety documentation together on your own;
  3. An inspector has visited you and you need help systematizing all of the documents;
  4. You are entering the Estonian market and need an expert cooperation partner

The Occupational Health and Safety Act determines the documents that each enterprise has to have.

We compile all documents relative to your enterprise.

  1.  Safety guides concerning appliances
  2.  Safety guides concerning the types of work
  3.  Documentation on training
  4.  Documentation on internal controls
  5.  Occupational safety procedures in the enterprise (for example, handling the investigation of a work-related accident)
  6.  Organisation of health control
  7.  Measurements of the working environment
  8.  Other necessary documents relative to your needs (for example, documentation on handing over personal protective equipment in an enterprise where such a thing is relevant)
  9. Risk assessment