Internal training


Internal training is a good solution for the company / institution that wants a personal approach and teachings according to their specialty. After the training it is immediately possible to implement the knowledge acquired.

The adult learner is very different from a pupil in a school bench. We have built up our internal training courses so as to provide the best acquisition of information by the adult learner.

Occupational health and safety training offered by large training centres is often too vague and generalizing. Therefore, personal approach to the specifics of the company and the student tends not to be prevalent.

What kind of internal training?

  • 24-hour and 8-hour courses as internal training
  • Internal training of different length on subjects that are necessary to Your enterprise

During the internal training we will concentrate only on the needs of Your enterprise. That way you can achieve the best personal result.

We provide knowledge for practical use. Learn what you actually need.

We carry out training to:

  • groups of employees (one training for many employees at the same time)
  • individual training – for example, we prepare one person in Your enterprise to be qualified enough that they can personally manage the working environment from there on.

From our trainings:

“The training was very memorable because they used expressive ways to talk about a subject that is slightly difficult. They used lots of examples and visuals methods to facilitate the learning process.” (Loore Laht, Oma Põrsas OÜ)

“The training was very energetic, lecturers used several examples. I felt caught up in the training and I didn’t feel boredom not once during the whole training. I can say that the lecturers Kristi and Jaanika are lecturers that love their job!” (Marie Viiol, Office Manager, CM Tallinn AS)