Working environment specialist service

napuganaineThe working environment specialist service is a good output for employers who do not have the time, expertise or human resources to properly manage the occupational health field.

Each enterprise has to have a person in charge of occupational safety and health, i.e. a working environment specialist. Most of the time, the tasks of that specialist are delegated to an employee who does them in addition to their main job. That may create problems in occupational safety.

Order a full service or a necessary part of it

Our competent specialist can help you solve all your occupational health and safety related questions according to the requirements prescribed by the law.

  1.  General organization of occupational safety in the enterprise
  2.  Conducting of a systematic internal audit
  3.  Drawing up a risk analysis of the working environment and, if necessary, ordering the measurement of the parameters of the working environment
  4.  Composing a written plan of action, drawing from the conclusions of the risk analysis
  5.  Informing the employees of the risk factors in their working environment
  6.  Organizing medical examinations to the employees
  7.  Choosing representatives in charge of the working environment (in enterprises with over 10 employees), choosing first aid providers, assembling a council of working environment (in enterprises with over 50 employees)
  8.  Ensuring the availability of first aid equipment
  9.  Choosing personal protective equipment and handing it over to employees.
  10.  Conducting first training to a new employee and supplementary training if necessary
  11.  Composing safety instructions
  12.  Handling work-related accidents and occupational diseases
  13.  Communicating with the Labour Inspectorate if needed